From the novel:

‘Sometimes,’ Herr Schumpeter said, puffing on his pipe, ‘very rarely, in tremendously old buildings like this one, and in the humblest flats where the rents are still very low, they’re still with us. So, unless I’m entirely mistaken, you’ve got a band of bed lodgers living with you.’

Luise opened her eyes wide. ‘You mean there are other people sleeping in our beds when we’re not at home?” she asked.

‘That is exactly what I mean,’ Herr Schumpeter replied.

Or can you think of a better explanation for why your bed never stays made and your room always looks messy? And why the fresh box of breakfast cereal your mother just bought yesterday is already empty and nobody knows whose toothbrush is whose? Albrecht and Luise Drewitz from Berlin learn the hard way what bed lodgers are and how not to make them angry - which, by the way, is never a good idea...

The Bed Lodgers is a tale of ghosts and fantasy from the heart of Europe's liveliest city. It will be appearing in print and e-book versions in 2016.

The Bed Lodgers
A Tale of Berlin
by A. Wallis Lloyd, with Illustrations by PoinT
The Ravenwick Press
ISBN: 978-3-944704-04-3
200 pages
For readers aged 8 to 88